Hosted by: Patrick Combs, Evangelia Leclaire and Eric Lochtefeld

with 25+ years experiencing inspiring and challenging people to astound themselves, build dream careers, and bring their blissful ambitions to life!
Ready to bring your SECRET or UNREALIZED ambitions to life?
30+ world-class entrepreneurs, artists, business leaders, performers, creatives, and innovators - share stories and strategies to help YOU gain momentum in 30 days to bring your SECRET OR UNREALIZED AMBITIONS to life.  
November 5 - 13, 2019
Here's What You'll Gain:
  • 30+ videos with strategies and insights to help YOU gain massive momentum toward YOUR BLISS in 30 days and bring your SECRET OR UNREALIZED AMBITIONS to life. 
  • Expert tips to help you cultivate the mindset that you deserve to share your secret passion with the world… and that you accept the TRUTH that you have the power to completely transform your life.
  • Learn how to mentor up and maximize your time and energy to suceed in living your bliss and bringing your hidden and /or secret ambitions to life. 
  • Pyschologists and high-performance coaches share insights to help you manage your state, ripple out positivity, and attract abundance!
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See Who’s Speaking at the 2nd Annual Bliss Talks Summit
All interviews will go live for 24 hours on the day specified at 10am EST.
Eric Lochtefeld
Co-Founder of Bliss Champions
Entrepreneur & Investor in Bliss
Patrick Combs
Co-Founder of Bliss Champions Hall of Fame Speaker 
David Meltzer
Executive Business Coach | Keynote Speaker | CEO and Co-Founder, Sports 1 Marketing
Shaun Robinson
Emmy-Award Winning TV Broadcast Journalist
Philanthropist | Producer | Author 
Rosanne Foust
President & CEO, San Mateo County Economic Development Association (SAMCEDA)
Akshay Nanavati
Marine Corps Veteran | Adventurer Ultrarunner | Creator of Fearvana
Ransford Doherty
Television and Film Actor
 Educator | Motivational Speaker 
Kim Bauman
Founder, One Love Movement
Brian Smith
Founder of Uggs
Devin Alexander
Celebrity Chef | NY Times Bestselling Author | Brand/Product Consultant | SpokesChef 
Dr. Venus Opal Reese
CEO of Define Impossible
Marketing Alchemist
Steffani Fort Lefevour
My Happi Life Coaching
Rob Howze
Empowerment Artist💥Chief Innovation Officer, STA Group
CEO, Camp Fit
Rhonda Renee Swan
CEO, The Unstoppable Branding Agency
Dmitriy Kozlov
Chief Expression Officer at Influex
Dani Benedetto
Fitness Coach 
Fitness Ambassador for Pencils of Promise
Claude Silver
Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia 
Yanik Silver
Founder,  Author, 
Mark Metry
Host of Top 100 Humans 2.0
Podcast & Keynote Speaker
Dov Baron
IncMag Top100 Speaker   Bestselling Author | Fortune500 Podcast | Business Coach
Ron Malhotra
Speaker | Author | Founder of The Successful Male | Wealth Specialist | Future Millionaires Academy
Sherry Walling, PhD
Psychologist | Author 
 Podcast Host | Keynote Speaker
William Hung
Author of "Champion By Choice" 
As seen on American Idol
Chris Winfield
CEO at Super Connector Media
Kenny Aronoff 
Rock Star Drummer Legend
CEO of Kenny Aronoff

Helena Summer
International Speaker | Love, Dating, and Relationship Coach CEO, Liv Delicious
Roland Frasier
CEO, War Room Mastermind
Principal / Founder of 
Traffic & Conversion Summit
Martin Latulippe
CEO, Wow Now Inc.
Samantha Skelly
Speaker | Visionary | Entrepreneur
Founder of Hungry for Happiness
Pause Breathwork

Bryce Henson
VP of Business Development 
Fit Body Boot Camp HQ
Maimah Karmo
Rockstar Strategist
Lover of Life
Diana Nguyen
Comedian / MC 🎙 Speaker 🌻#DancingDiana 🚀
#BeBrave Video Coaching
Shanee Moret
Co-Founder at MedSnake Media Cancer Survivor | Goodwill Ambassador of Public Health
Courtney Harring
Co-Founder at MedSnake Media
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is the Bliss Talks Virtual Summit free?
Yes! You can watch all the free session interviews with every speaker when they go live from Tuesday, November 5th to 8th 2019 at no cost.  There are opportunities to upgrade your learning experience, which you'll learn more about after you register.  After the summit ends, you can still purchase the All-Access Pass at a nominal fee.
Why is it offered for free for a limited time?
Virtual summits typically take three to four months to produce, inclusive of planning, building out technology, securing and interviewing speakers, editing content, and promoting the event. We have committed our time and resources to this summit. You are investing in yourself and your personal growth should you choose to upgrade to the one-time fee. The fee also supports the infrastructure and resources in place to provide easy access to the content. We are committed to rising the tide of resources to help you bring your secret or unrealized ambitions to life.  
Who is the Bliss Talks Virtual Summit for?
The summit is for anyone who has a secret or unrealized ambition who wants to bring them to life and learn from our guests who share their stories on how they have followed their bliss. So, for you, it might be a novel, or a restaurant, or a clothing company, or an invention. Anything really. As long as it feels like a passionate calling from your heart and soul. A lot of times, we don't go for these kinds of secret ambitions because they seem far-fetched, a wee-bit crazy, or scary, or impossible! And you don't go for it because you don't want to go it alone. And you lack the right resources.  This summit is for you to get inspired and equipped to follow your bliss!
What if I am not able to view all the recordings?
You will have the option to upgrade to an all-access pass to gain access to a private membership site that hosts all the videos, training and content.  This is at a nominal fee.  
Hi! I'm your summit organizer, Evangelia Leclaire
I run virtual summits to help fascinating people build connections, boost visibility, and realize their most blissful ambitions.
Areas of Focus: health & wellness, professional / personal development, mental health,  HR & human capital management, edtech, and fintech.

Fun-Fact: My passion for professional development events stemmed early in my career when I had a stint at door-to-door sales in Silicon Valley. I was selling tickets to a seminar series hosted by Eric Lochtefeld's former company University of Dreams. Now, here we are leveraging technology to present to you
Bliss Champions.
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